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"It's beautifully written and illustrated. There is so much information shared throughout the story of Peanut Power and his dogs.  This book is a quality resource for teaching students about Alaska and the Iditarod."

Carly G., Parent/Teacher

"The Adventures of Peanut Power" is a fun read.  It is a clever story about a fictional character participating in Alaska's Iditarod sled dog race.  The illustrations are creative and numerous to support the telling of the story.  It is a positive engaging book for a young reader interested in Alaska."

Ron V., Born Alaskan 

"Peanut Power Races to Nome is well-written with amazing illustrations.  The book presents information in creative ways that grabs the reader's attention.  The history, glossary and basic rules are informative and help students learn about the Iditarod.  The book alone makes a good teacher."

Amy S., Anchorage Reader

"Ride along the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race with Peanut Power and his team as they encounter challenges in their race to Nome!  Learn the history of the route of the Iditarod Trail with a mix of fantasy and realism.  Highly engaging read with beautiful illustrations and a powerful message at the end!  Dennis Vecera makes learning fun, engaging and empowering!  I can't wait for Peanut Power's next Alaskan adventure!"

Mary E., Retired Principal

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