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About the Author

Dennis M. Vecera

Dennis was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska.  Since the age of five, Dennis wore a towel as a cape around his neck as he watched his favorite superhero cartoons every Saturday morning while munching on peanuts.  His siblings soon called him Peanut Power.

His neighbor and good friends, Kim and Terri Wilmarth, were excited when their uncle, Dick Wilmarth, won the first Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in 1973.  Dennis was excited, too. Since the 5th grade, Dennis has enjoyed learning about Alaska's famous sled dog race.

While teaching at the elementary level for 30 years, Dennis introduced his students to a superhero named Peanut Power who took on challenges one could face while living in Alaska.

Dennis writes children's books about real-life events that happen in Alaska.  His stories include fictional characters with a non-fiction storyline.  He uses fantasy and realism to engage young readers while teaching Alaska history.  Dennis is a creative writer and the amazing illustrations keep readers interested and anxious to read about Peanut Power's adventures.  Parents appreciate the history and background of his stories as well as the glossary to enrich vocabulary.  His stories are kid tested and parent approved. 


Retired, Dennis continues to write his Peanut Power Adventure stories.  When not absorbed in his writing, Dennis enjoys his grandkids, working in his yard, and driving his jeeps.

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